1. Cibunet Business Incubator and Accelerator
A business incubator is where a start-up is nurtured until it starts attracting customers or clients while an accelerator is the phase where the business ought to grow and make substantial profits.

Business Incubation Services: Cibunet furnishes start-ups with online tools for vision, goals, and objectives development. These are fundamentals for developing a comprehensive strategic and business plan. Many start-ups exhaust their precious resources running on an idea without a well thought out and properly crafted strategic and business plan. It is commonly said that “failure to plan is a plan to fail”. Good plans that employ professional skills and experience is the key by which big enterprises continue to grow bigger. Cibunet is a team of experienced business analysts that work with you to think through your idea and plan a path for the success of your business.

Business Accelerator Services: A business that has proved it can attract customers needs to break-even. This is where revenue exceeds expenditures with some margin of profit. This requires diligent execution of the strategic and business plan as well as modifications based on data and practical experiences. At this stage, the entrepreneur and his team must focus on increasing productivity while our team at Cibunet analyze the data from performance, tweak the enterprise concepts to align with field experiences as well as seek possible synergies to tackle difficult issues.

2. Cibunet Predictive Trajectory Analysis Modules
Cross-Industrial Realities – With over six thousand industries and new hybrids emanating daily, it is difficult for enterprises to keep track of how the grounds are constantly shifting under their core operations. Hence it is very common to find enterprises miss the mark of their projections and fall victim to stockholder activism etc.

Limitations of Artificial Intelligence – It is easy to get swayed by all the possibilities of AI and overinvest in this technology as the remedy to stunted growth. While AI is based on a cumulative harness of known human prowess and is effective with inferential data analysis, the reality is that human creativity that spurs industry disruptions has always been unpredictable using known metrics and patterns.

Our experienced analysts here at CIBUNET track the shifting grounds of cross-industrial realities and the benefits of AI to foster a layer of Predictive Trajectory Analysis for enterprises. In addition to the traditional diligence of operational analysis, we attend to the neglected remote factors that can ultimately creep into the forefront of major disruptions. We establish custom solutions that track potential derailments of enterprise projections as well as make the strategic plan resilient and actionable throughout the organization.


  1. What Does The Planning Services Entail?
    Based upon your ideas we help you craft a Business Plan. We ask you the relevant questions and engage in research to formulate a comprehensive document. With such a document you can guide your business operations and also secure funding from the Bank or other funding agencies.

    2. How Much Does A Business Plan Cost?
    For a new small business or nonprofit organization, it costs $250.

    3. What Does The Enterprise Development Services Entail?
    For an existing company we analyze all aspects of a business to determine the flaws and the areas that require improvement. We implement modules that ensure the organization’s Strategic Plan objectives are consistent with management processes.

    4. How Much Does The Management Services Cost?
    This is based on the size of the company. For a small business which requires ongoing Business Analysis Support, it could be as low as $250 monthly based on the scope of work involved.