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Crafting of Strategic and Business Plans

A Strategic Plan is an internal document that reveal how an organization determined their core goals as well as how they intend to pursue them. Investors who are serious about funding an Enterprise would require this internal document that provides information that is hidden from the Public view. Cibunet helps clients craft Strategic Plans that meet the standards of Investors.

A Business Plan is a document that shows some of the information in the Strategic Plan but then leaves out classified details. There are basic information criteria that a comprehensive business plan must furnish. Cibunet helps clients develop a business plan that meets various criteria such as SBA Loans, Bank Loans etc.

Enterprise Concepts Support

Market Development Support

Funding and Synergy Support

Investors are particular about what your organization intends to accomplish in the short, medium and long term. We leverage internal and external data to perform analytics of the natural resources and productivity processes of your organization. Enterprise Concepts Support also entails fine tuning your Mission, Goals, Objectives and Corporate Values with such a consistency that leaves no room for doubt about your overall strategy.

Whether it is getting a new product into the market or finding new avenues to capture significant market share, requires in-depth data analysis as the basis for strategic marketing. Our team of seasoned marketers aid the development of local and global target markets for new brands and existing products.

Cibunet funds businesses through various traditional and non-traditional avenues. We help clients secure funding for Projects, Equipment, Credit Lines, Commercial Real Estate and for other Opportunities.

Venture Capital – We fund startups directly and indirectly as well as provide the professional support to nurture their growth. In return for equity and management service fees we work with startups to navigate the path from a vision to enterprise establishment.

Loans – We serve as a commercial loan brokerage for several banks and lending institutions. Our experienced team with thorough insights of institutional funding requirements, help clients access both collateralized and non-collateralized funding.



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